Evident's Identity Verification by Type

Public Records Identity Check

This check leverages the biographical information collected via your registration process (e.g. first, middle, last name, address, DOB, gender, phone number, email address, and SSN, if provided) to validate key identity attributes across previous and current states searches. This check seeks to verify consistency and provide confidence that the identity is not synthetic.

ID Document Verification

The applicant is asked to take a photo of the front and back of their driver's license, passport, or ID card. Evident performs a forensic analysis of the document for authenticity, and scans the barcode on the back to capture information to populate personal information fields.

This technique accomplishes several things:

  1. Requires the candidate to possess an ID document that matches the SSN owner to be background checked later
  2. Proves the ID document is a real government-issued ID and not a fake ID
  3. Streamlines UX with rapid form fill to avoid personal information typos

Selfie Match to ID

The applicant is asked to take a live photo of themselves. Evident uses specialized comparison software to compare the photo on the applicant's ID document with the selfie. You have the flexibility of receiving a Valid/Invalid answer, a confidence level (High, Medium, Low, None), a quantitative confidence score (0 - 100), or the actual selfie image in the results.

This technique helps to ensure that the applicant is not impersonating someone by using their ID document, and also allows the selfie to double as the applicant's profile picture on the platform.

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