I'm a user and I'm having trouble uploading my ID. What do I do?

Generally speaking, most identity verification challenges can be solved by adhering to best practice in identity document upload. Verifications that are unable to be processed due to a bad image will always take longer than verifications that pass successfully.  Evident wants to put forward every effort to process your identification document. Here is a checklist of best practices that you should adhere to when uploading the photo of your ID. This will give Evident the best chance possible of reading the ID electronically right away. 

Identity Document Upload Checklist

  1. Check to make sure the identity document that you are uploading is an actual unexpired passport, driver’s license or ID card. Evident can never accept a scanned copy of your identity document.  
  2. If it is, then make sure that you are taking the picture in a room with plenty of light and that the ID is placed on a black background. There should be high contrast between the document and the background. 
  3. Ensure that the image fills about 80% of the screen on your device when you take the picture - meaning that you shouldn’t zoom in or out too much with the camera.
  4. Ensure that all four corners of the image are visible. 
  5. Ensure all text is readable. 
  6. Ensure the image is clear and crisp.
  7. No portion of the image may be covered, blocked out. or missing
  8. The ID must be an accepted type (Passport, Driver’s License, or state-issued ID card. We don't accept city issued ID cards - New York City ID cards are a common submission that we see and cannot accept. Here is a list of documents you might be tempted to upload that Evident cannot accept.
    • VOID IDs or those with a hold punched through then (generally)
    • Temporary licenses or paper licenses.
    • Scanned images (these are never clear enough to process)
    • Visas, and Permanent Residency Cards
    • City issued cards are also not able to be processed.
    • Student IDs, Work IDs, Voter Cards Tax Cards, Credit Cards
    • A screenshot of the ID or an ID that is clearly scanned
    • Massachusetts Liquor Card
    • Voting license/ID
    • Permanent Work Aid Employment ID
    • Weapon carrying licenses
    • Army ID cards
    • US Employment Authorization cards
    • Global Entry ID
    • Work Visas
    • Resident ID
    • Employment Authorization card
  9. Finally, ensure that the option you select when you submit matches the actual document that you upload. For example, you want to be sure you don’t select “driver’s license” if you are uploading a passport. A driver’s license qualifies as an ID card, so if you are uploading a driver’s license, use the “ID Card” drop down.

If you have gone through the entire checklist, and tried to take a good picture three different times, the Evident system will give you the option to submit your image as it is. Be advised that if you choose this option, Evident will attempt to complete the verification but it is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is better to take your time with a good high quality image the first time around, than rush through the submission and have to submit again later. 

I've tried all the above and I'm still having a problem. 

if you have tried the above, and are still experiencing a technical problem, Evident can help you troubleshoot this issue. You can submit the problem by using this form. Nearly all technical investigations will require screenshots, so having these is crucial. Evident will have the best chance of rapidly investigating and resolving any issues that you bring to us if you use this format:

  • Summary of the issue experienced
  • The email address you used to apply, which is tied to the Evident verification
  • The business you are applying for
  • What behavior was expected
  • What behavior actually happened
  • Steps that were taken to generate the unexpected behavior
  • Screenshots of the behavior



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