QuickStart Guide: Integration (VerifyAPI and SubmitAPI)

To begin integrating with Evident, please read the instructions below carefully.

1. Determine your integration method. Evident has a variety of integration options to fit the needs of each of our customers. You can find information regarding each option on our website at https://www.evidentid.com/api-documentation-developers/.

2. Log into your Sandbox account. Please go to https://demo.evidentid.com and login using the email address you provided to the Evident support team. If you use G-Suite for your email provider then you can log in via Google SSO, otherwise you'll have to go to create a password for your account at: https://demo.evidentid.com/#!/register Once you set the password, you can log in to our sandbox environment at: https://demo.evidentid.com If you have any questions about this process, this guide can help: Logging In To Your Evident Account

3. You’ll see a toolbar on the left hand side of your portal where you can access your API  credentials under the “Administration” tab and your specific API Documentation under the “Docs” tab.

  • Account Name: This is your username. You can find it next to your API Key
  • Password (API Key): Your API Key can be found in the API settings page in your customer portal. Your production and sandbox accounts use the same username, but have their own corresponding API keys. Please make sure that you are using the correct environment’s API key when making requests to VerifyAPI.

The easiest ways to get started with your integration: 


DO NOT test your integration in your Production account. You will be charged for each test as if they were real verifications. Submitting false information into your production account will only flood the environment with errors.

You can authenticate against SubmitAPI using the token returned in the VerifyAPI POST call. This blindtrust bearer token is valid for up to 1 hour.

4. Test Data. We’ve provided you with a set of test values that consists of two test aliases: Joe Tester and Aston Fairburn. Each alias has a set of QR codes corresponding to individual ID Scan use cases:

  • Passing Passport
  • Failing Passport
  • Passing ID Card/Driver’s License
  • Failing ID Card/Driver’s License
  • Passing Background Check
  • Failing Background Check

In order to use these QR codes, you MUST upload the desired use case for both the front and back image input in the case of an ID card or driver’s license. For passports, use the single passport image input.

You may also require an SSN or DOB when testing.

Aston Fairburn:

Name: Aston Fairburn (middle name blank)
SSN: 000000000
DOB: 01/01/1970
Address: 75 5th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Joe Tester:
Name: Joe R. Tester 
SSN: 123498765
DOB: 01/01/1970
Address: 75 5th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

We’ve also included a set of 4 selfie test QR codes:

  • High Confidence
  • Medium Confidence
  • Low Confidence
  • No Confidence


To use the selfie QR codes, please upload the desired test image as the selfie image input.

Important: Please note that you will want to use different email addresses each time that you test a request in demo. Evident uses email address as a unique identifier so if you continue to use the same email address, you'll receive the same results every single time. 

If you have any questions, please fill out this form and a member of our Technical Support team will get back to you. https://www.evidentid.com/support/developer/.


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