Evident's Liveness Verification performs a biometric match of a face from a video selfie to the picture from the identity document. It also performs a liveness check to ensure that the face in the video selfie is a live person and not a picture, avatar, deepfake or mask. The user will also have to provide consent to process their biometrics in compliance with current state and national laws. 


User Experience

The user is asked to provide a live selfie.  They are presented with a screen to demonstrate the best way to prepare for the screen.


If the live selfie cannot be clearly determined, our 3D liveness feature will automatically retry a video selfie capture to maximize conversion (e.g. Selfie in bad lighting or wearing sunglasses).  The individual has a total of 5 tries to provide a live selfie that can be successfully processed. 




Results are returned as a Valid/Invalid answer as a combination of the biometric match and the liveness check. It is recommended to use the status of Valid/Invalid to make a decision on accepting the verification. Valid ensure a Valid liveness check and a High,Medium or Low biometric match.

However, if the fraud rate as detailed in the fraud section does not align with your risk requirements then the combination of the confidence level (High, Medium, Low, None) and status can be used to make a decision.  


The biometric industry standard for fraud measurement is the False Acceptance Rate (FAR). A false accept in biometrics is an instance of a system incorrectly authorizing a person. The False Acceptance Rate (FAR), is the measure of the likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly accept an access attempt by an unauthorized user. A system's FAR typically is stated as the ratio of the number of false acceptances divided by the number of identification attempts. 


Evident's False Acceptance Rate (FAR) for Liveness Verification. 

Score Confidence Level FAR Industry Requirements
0-54 None    
55-69 Low 1/1000 NIST 800-63B minimum for Biometric Matching
70-84 Medium 1/10,000 FIDO Biometric Requirements
85-100 High 1/100,000  


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